The MAA partners with many city, state and private agencies to give you access to the information for legal, maintenance, or building code questions. Below are links to resources that are most often requested.


The REDBOOK contains state and federal statutes, case law, and governmental rules which affect all residential tenancies in the State of Missouri, regardless of size or nature of the dwelling and regardless of the private or public nature of the owner. The REDBOOK has been prepared to assist owners and managers of apartments, duplexes, houses, townhouses and all other forms of residential rental dwellings.

The Missouri Apartment Association believes the law must protect the interests of both owners and residents and not restrict the fair and business-like operation of residential rental units. While current law does not always reflect these ideals, MAA has been instrumental in the passage of several new statutes and changes to the existing statutes to improve our business environment. For REDBOOK access please contact the MAA for more information.

NAA Blue Moon Forms

Missouri (NAA) Forms Online is designed to let you quickly fill out all of the official Missouri Lease Forms, and it runs entirely in your Web browser, eliminating the need to install or update any software on your system!

Time-saving features, such as the ability to pre-fill default lease information and calculate many lease items for you automatically, make filling out forms a breeze. Missouri (NAA) Forms Online also gives you the added flexibilty to generate leases from virtually any system with a high-speed Internet connection.

Bed Bug Brochure Information

To learn about Bed Bugs, download the brochure. 

Bed Bug Brochure